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Forest Troll

Forest Troll

Forest Troll Summary
"The Forest troll usually dwell in dense, wooded areas, and are solitary creatures, being highly territorial. Their bodies have evolved to blend in with their environment, with coarse, matter hair covering their massive frames, lichen, moss, fungus and even small trees growing amongst it. This helps to conceal the troll from any unsuspecting prey as it lies in wait, perfectly still for sometimes days at a time. Unlike most trolls, they are omnivorous, supplementing their diet of meat with roots, leaves and even the bark and branches of trees, thus explaining their larger size comparative to other species."


This contains:

                      - 1 X  Forest Troll 
All Miniatures are cast in High Quality Resin. This miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Base is not included.
Customer Reviews
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4 product stars
Really nice troll :) - Phil Smart - 15 January 2023
Received this on friday after much anticipation, having been very impressed by the look of the sculpts. It arrives in relatively few pieces, which is nice, and it fits together nicely. Mine requires perhaps a little bit of GS to just plug a small gap in his rock arm's joint. It's very easy to assemble, thanks to the mostly large areas which you stick. With a bit of crosshatching you can probably even get away without pinning it! Overall a great troll and would look great on the battlefield or as a collectors piece. Make sure you've got a fairly large base for it (40mm flat or 50mm bevelled, ideally), as the model does not come with one in the pack :) I'm very tempted to pick up the rest of the trolls once I get some steady income!

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