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Hill Troll

Hill Troll

Hill Troll Summary
"The Common or Hill troll is a species of troll that resides within caves around or amongst hill areas. They are mainly diurnal, but have been known to sleep for weeks at a time, especially in the winter months when food is most scarce. Usually they dwell within small, family groups, and hunt in packs of three or four. Their usual source of food are livestock, such as sheep or goats, but will happily feed on travellers and are highly aggressive if provoked. Being immensely strong, resilient and dimwitted, roving bands of mercenaries or barbarians sometimes capture and use them as beasts of war, starving and goading them into a terrifying rage as they lumber towards the enemy"


This contains:

                   1 X Hill Troll

All Miniatures are cast in High Quality Resin. This miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Base is not included.
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5 product stars
Brilliant - Laughing Ferret - 23 January 2023
I bought this one along with the River Troll and love them both. The casting is top quality & very smooth. The sculpting is simply brilliant: it has a quality of *character* that is all too rare. Stylistically it reminds me of one of my favorite fantasy artists, Brian Froud: high praise well deserved. I work with a lot of miniatures from all different companies as a commission artists and can not recommend these enough.

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