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Troll Pack Plus

Troll Pack Plus
£60.00 £50.00

Troll Pack Plus Summary

This contains:

                    1 X Hill Troll
                    1 X Forest Troll
                    1 X Mountain Troll
                    1 X River Troll

All Miniatures are cast in High Quality Resin. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Bases are not included.
Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
Troll Pack Plus - Majorsoma - 18 January 2023
These arrived fairly quickly and contact with the company is impressive. The sculpts are also of a high standard each is very well detailed and it is easy to tell where each part is meant to go. There was almost no flash and the resin plugs are located in areas which wouldn't damage the quality of the sculpt.

5 product stars
Excellent sculpting! - Arizahn - 18 January 2023
These are great sculpts - full of detail and loads of personality. Yet at the same time they maintain a sense of unity overall, thanks to their hippo styled ears and teeth, which really suit trolls. Rapid delivery too.

5 product stars
troll pack plus - Freakinacage - 13 March 2023
Great sculpts. Superb service. What more can you ask for?

5 product stars
Superb! - Think Big - 20 March 2023
Outstanding quality, for me the best trolls I've ever seen (in 40 years); straight out of Biblo's encounter with the trolls in The Hobiit and very Brian Froud. Only problem - I want more new figures!

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