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Good evening folks!


Well, it's been seven whole days since the website was launched, and it has had a cracking reception from all you guys so far, I'm glad you like it! All the blood, sweat and tears on mine and James' part were worth it in the end :P Although I see a distinct lack of comments... Don't be shy, come on!


Alternatively, you could join up the Warploque Miniatures social network groups,


For Twitter, go to -


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There isn't much on there at the moment, but join up anyway! Should be worth a laugh, eh? :P


Anyway, this week I thought I would treat you to a preview of a new model for Warploque Miniatures, which should be up on the shop soon! Yet another foul creature to grace the ranks of the Swords for Hire, a Minotaur...

Not only do we have the Minotaur, but we also have two other monsters... a Swineman and a Elkman, both also members of the Swords for Hire faction


What the kit will contain -



This will be the first of hopefully many more to come, so stay tuned folks!




- Warpy