Rogue Knight - Sword for Hire

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Hey guys!

I thought it was about time I did a one'off model as a bit of a break from sculpting models for a particular army, so I did this guy!

A new model for the Swords for Hire, a rogue knight from the lands of Galica ( a country of Arcworlde that will get their own models in time)... An internet cookie to whosoever can name me the character who inspired him :P -

What do you think?

- Warpy

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Re: Rogue Knight - Sword for Hire

He looks fantastic. It looks like you are sculpting him to have a big gut on him in which case he could paint up well as a retired fat old knight that has been called back into action, he certainly looks annoyed enough.

Paint that tash ginger and he could be Sir Robin of The Holy Grail fame.

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Re: Rogue Knight - Sword for Hire

Ah now I was thinking...sir Bedomri...or is it Gallahad from Holy Grail; the guy weighing the witch.

"If we build a giant wooden badger!"

He looks great mate. Reminds me a bit of Asterix crossed with Obelix.



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Re: Rogue Knight - Sword for Hire


I love how battered and shredded his robes and shield are. It looks like it would be great fun to paint. :)

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Re: Rogue Knight - Sword for Hire

Sir Bedevere the Wise, it is the visor and the mustache with belly. It was the one with the witch though.