Alternative to renaming warhammer stats

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Deng Ham
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Without having read the rules, this might be a huge shot in the dark. But I like the idea so much and wanted to write it down before I forgett it.

Instead of using the warhammer rules as a base for the arcworlde rules, one can base it upon RPG rules. Not only does it not look like a obvious rewriting of the warhammer ones, but it's also more suiting a skirmish game.

I'm thinking that there is only a fiew base stats: like MOVE, Weapon Atacke, Defense, Inteligense and Health.
And in adition there will be skills, that add to the value of the stat they belong to. example: Move, might have skills like, marching, charge, manouvering. Weapon atacke have one for each type of weapon. Defense skills, are ranged, close combat, cover use. Inteligense, comand, bravery, magic?. And Health adds bonuses on diferent types of imunity (fire, poison). On top of this there wil be modifiers for diferent weapons, cover, range and other that related to equipment and terranin. If one uses the same points as one uses for creating the warpand on improving skills, it gives a huge flexibility in creating custon troops and heros. The skills will be more expensive to rasie as they get higher. As an example one skill xp = 3 points (or it might be possible to alter the value of a model, so that 1 xp = 1 point). To increse a skill you pay the value of every level up to the level you want. So to get a level 1 on a skill, you need 1 xp, but to get lvl 3 skill you need to pay 6xp (lvl 1=1xp + lvl 2=2xp + lvl 3=3xp)

I think one of the greatest advantiges with this system is that it inspire players to do campains and develope there groupe of warriors/beasts and that it's hugely flexile. Yo can make just about any character or troupe you want.

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Re: Alternative to renaming warhammer stats

Hi Deng Ham,

Renaming Warhammer stats and re-writing the Warhammer rules? Sorry, not us. The only direct inspiration from Warhammer was the sense of chaos and anarchy from playing Skaven as well Orcs & Goblins. While the stats do represent similar qualities that is inevitable in a wargame, as most have some sort of move stat, attack stats etc...

I do like your idea but I think it would work best with a skirmish game where players field up to 10 or maybe 15 models max. While ArcWorlde is a skirmish game it has a larger model count, from 10 to 30+ models (see the current playtest edition for notes on game sizes as well as suggested forces in the scenarios). Designing lots of models in such detail would be time consuming for players while ArcWorlde is intended more for fast and fun games where players can meet up, throw done some terrain & models then get down to some serious butt-kicking while munching pizza and downing some beers/cider/name-your-poison.

Having said that, feel free to come up with something based on RPG rules.



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