How to Choose the Font for Logo Design

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There are more than 300,000 fonts. The choice seems so unlimited that it becomes impossible. Do not worry; this is not as complicated as it looks.

Choosing font is an important step in the creation of the logo. She will play the readability of your logo and reinforce your message. We can group all fonts in five main families:

Serif fonts (serif): You probably know the font Times New Roman found in Word. It has long been the default font. This type of policy is very well known, is a little out of fashion today.

 Sans serif fonts (sans-serif): they have a more modern more modern side. As they are very straight, they are serious and even a little stiff.

Fonts imitating handwriting (cursive): these fonts are generally interesting to emphasize human values or creative. These fonts are very aesthetic but not necessarily simple to decipher.

Fonts "decorative" (fantasy): these fonts are very complicated but fun to read. If they can add character to your logo designs and make it original, be very careful to only write very short texts.

Large fonts (monospace) font strongly reminiscent of those texts typed on typewriters. They are rarely used but if you have the nostalgia of old Remington, why not?

In general, we prefer to use sans serif fonts for logos or slogans because they are very legible.

You can use multiple fonts in your logo but you should never do it on the same line. For example, you can write the name of your company in a handwritten font or fantasy and write your slogan in a sans serif font.

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Re: How to Choose the Font for Logo Design

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