Mountain Troll

SKU: WRP-002

“Amongst the largest and most violent of troll breeds, the Mountain Troll dwells within caves situated in high, mountainous areas. They often live in small, hunting packs, but as food is scarce in their natural habitat, it is common for older males to live alone. Mountain trolls possess large teeth and tusks that they use to break open calciferous rocks, which they swallow to help with digestion. Because of this, their hide is exceptionally tough due to excess calcium deposits, which often crystallise into large boulder like protrusions. Due to the often arid and desolate state of their environments, some trolls have been known to make raiding attacks on lower lying settlements, ravaging livestock and attacking villagers working in the fields. It has been known for particularly large and aggressive individuals to attack the actual villages, smashing open houses to feast upon any unfortunates dwelling inside.”

This contains:

  • 1 x Mountain Troll

All Miniatures are cast in High Quality Resin. This two piece miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Base not currently included with this miniature.

Price: £15.00

Please select the base included with this miniature.

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