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"The Black Coast... a name that strikes fear into the hearts of all sailors, even if uttered under one’s breath. No man truly knows where this god forsaken stretch of barren rock lies, it’s location shrouded in superstition and myth, but the one thing that all can agree on is that it is a place of unfathomable evil, a place where the dead walk again. Those men who made their living by less than honourable ways, the pirates, thieves and cut-throats who plagued the seas during life, do so yet again in death.  It is said that it was their previous lives of lawlessness and cruelty that earned them the curse of the un-death,  that their souls were so black that they were spat out by the sea that mercilessly took their lives. The sea boils as the rotting, venqeful corpses heave themselves onto dry land, and then back, back they go on the remnants of their former warships to seek bitter vengeance on those who are still amongst the living."


  • 1 x Morgan Fellbeard - Undead Captain
  • 1 x Old Man of the Deep
  • 1 x Undead Ogre Crewman
  • 1 x Zombie Crewmen Pack


This miniature set is cast in Fine Resin. This miniature set is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Bases not currently included.

Price: £30.00

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