Morgan Fellbeard - Undead Pirate Captain

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"Morgan Fellbeard was once one of the most infamous Pirate captains ever to sail the countless oceans, loathed and feared by all those who had heard the tales of his remorseless cruelty and malice. With his ship The Grey Maiden, he plundered and burnt hundreds of ships during his lifetime, and was even known to attack coastal settlements, all to satisfy the bottomless greed of he and his crew. When his final judgement was given, and he, his ship and his whole crew were swallowed up by the angry ocean off the Black Coast, the relief for those who he had plagued for years was but short lived. Returned to the land of the living by the dark magics that permeate that most damned of places, Fellbeard sails on, the fact that he and his whole crew are now rotting, barnacle ridden corpses only adding to the horror felt by all that come up against him."


This contains:

  • 1 x Morgan Fellbeard - Undead Pirate Captain

All Miniatures are cast in High Quality Resin. This one piece miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Base not currently included.

Price: £6.00

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