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"Swamphawgs are a breed of pig native to the Cayjon Swamplands. Larger than the finest of Gallican warhorses, these monstrous brutes are dim witted and bad tempered, charging blindly at anything that comes near them. They also form the staple diet of the Bayourk, and herds of them are corralled and driven alongside marauding tribes. The biggest and most bad tempered of the Bull Swamphawgs are sometimes used as mounts for the higher ranking Bayourks, and the act of subduing one, often with a large blunt object, is seen as a great show of strength and bravado. The the combined might of the two angry, smelly creatures charging into combat is devastating, and wreak havoc upon any that stand in their way."


  • 1 X Bull Swamphawg

This miniature is cast in High Quality resin. This miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Base not currently included with this miniature.

Price: £14.00

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