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About Me

Hey Guys!

Ooooooh... well, where do I begin? The name's Alex, or "WarplockMonkey" on Warseer, The Warhammer Forum, The Ogre Stronghold, Troll Forged and many others, I am a 18 year old Englishman from East Yorkshire, England (surprisingly!). I have been sculpting Fantasy Wargaming Miniatures for just over three years now. Originally picking it up as a way to customise toys and wargaming figures, I began to concentrate on sculpting full miniatures just over a year ago, when commissioned by Maelstrom Games to do a couple of pieces for their Banebeasts range; my first commercial miniature being the Satyr Banner Bearer released for the 2010 European Team Championships.

After receiving alot of praise and encouragement for my work from the various forums I posted in ( Far too many wonderful people to name! ), I decided to cut out the middle man, and start a company myself, sculpting pieces that I, for some strange reason, have an urge to make, and hoping upon hope that they are somehow sold!

Thank you for visiting my cobbled-together website, pop me an e-mail if you have any questions, complaints, suggestions for pieces, or if you just fancy a chat! I'll have the kettle on!

- Alex (Warpy)

Links to my Blogs, where the magic happens! (HAH):


Troll Forged


Frothers Unite -

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