ArcWorlde Kickstarter Sneak Peaks

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Merry Christmas everyone! :D

I hope everyone had a lovely festive time with the ones they love ( Or haveto get on with... :P)... I'm sorry it's a few days late, but I'm sure you won't begrudge me that small discrepancy :P 

Anyway, because it's the festive season, I decided that you lovely people deserve a special present from Santa Warps... some Sneak Peak previews of some of the models being made for the ArcWorlde Kickstarter! 

Albionnican Mounted Captain - 


Albionnican Captain on Foot - 


Bayourk Chieftain - 


Feral Elven Druid - 


Feral Elven Warchief - 


Halfling Militia Archer - 


Halfling Standard Bearer - 


Wizard - 


And a size comparison picture! A Bayourk, an Elf, a Human and a Halfling - 


What do you think folks? 

Have a great holiday, and yet again, Merry Christmas! 


- Warpy