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Dey's a-comin', an' dey's a-comin teh GITCHA!

Good evening Ladies and Gents!

I am very pleased to announce the start of yet another Ulule Project (They always seem to work so well!), this time promotion a new batch of none other than the infamous Bayourks, the scourge of the civilised populous surrounding the outskits of the Cayjon Swamplands, and beyond!

In this pack, you get -

Papa Shamaduu - Bayourk WitchDockta -

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FEE FI FO FUM, I Smell the Blood of an Englishman!

Hey guys!

Yet again, sorry I havn't updated this blog for a while, it's ok, it's ok, I know your lives have been devoid without my witters for so long dear readers, but other tasks have been encroaching on my time! But look on the bright side, seeing as the only reader of this blog is me, I can forgive myself for my tardyness :P But oh shush!


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Christmas is coming... Look Busy!

Good evening/afternoon/morning Ladies and Gentlemen/Aliens/Single-Celled Organisms/Wargamers!


I know I know... this little old blog hasn't been updated for a while... *COUGH COUGH So what, nobody reads it! COUGH COUGH*... who said that?! Anyway, as I was saying, it has been devoid of updates for a while... but that does not mean I have not been busy, ohhhhhh no!

First up I would like to present the now CAST versions of my new faction, Zombie Pirates of the Black Coast!


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Undead Pirates of the Black Coast - PRE ORDER NOW!

Hey guys!


Just an announcement that the Undead Pirates of the Black Coast are now available for Pre-Order!




Captain Morgan Fellbeard -

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Releases, Releases Gallorrreeeeeeee!

Now then guys!

First up, I would like to announce that Warploque Miniatures has a few new releases this week! :D "About bloody time!" I hear you cry, sorry folks, I am only human! :P

For the Soldiers for Hire faction, Galan Quarterbane - Monster Hunter Extraordinaire -

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A Yo Ho Ho and a Bucket of Brrraaaaiiiinnnnnnnnsssssss... And Hobbits.

Good evening to you Ladies and Gentlefolk, splendid evening isnt it, What?

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Day 14 in the Warpy House!

Hey guys!


Well, college started this week... and I must admit, I haven't really got anything for you :P All gamers know that once in a while Real Life (tm) rears it's ugly head to curse those chosen few who participate in this most noble of hobbies, and it certainly has at my end! Not to fear though ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure sure work will resume as normal once I've got into the swing of things!


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Moo Moo, Stomp Stomp, SMASH SMASH!

Good evening folks!


Well, it's been seven whole days since the website was launched, and it has had a cracking reception from all you guys so far, I'm glad you like it! All the blood, sweat and tears on mine and James' part were worth it in the end :P Although I see a distinct lack of comments... Don't be shy, come on!


Alternatively, you could join up the Warploque Miniatures social network groups,


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Welcome to the new Site!

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

Well... this is it! After many many weeks of planning, editing, and suchlike, the new Warploque Miniatures website is FINISHED! :D Welcome aboard, take a look around, and enjoy yourself!

Along with the release of my new website, I will be releasing three new figures to add to the small but ever growing Warploque Miniatures range:

First up, the mighty Cheiftain of the Bayourk Tribes, Jebbzakkah B'Ork -

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