Day 14 in the Warpy House!

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Hey guys!


Well, college started this week... and I must admit, I haven't really got anything for you :P All gamers know that once in a while Real Life (tm) rears it's ugly head to curse those chosen few who participate in this most noble of hobbies, and it certainly has at my end! Not to fear though ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure sure work will resume as normal once I've got into the swing of things!


First off, yet another member for the Swords for Hire faction, Galan Quaterbane - Hunter Extraordinaire


And just a few sneak peaks to satiate you... Three guesses for what THESE are gonna be? :P


I will also take this opportunity to remind you all that there are only TEN DAYS left to order your Warploque Miniatures Giant, so get to it, before it is too late!


All the best,


- Warpy




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Re: Day 14 in the Warpy House!

These designs of warriors are such creative and really shows the talent of the designer. I say that our country has full of talented designers. Just need to regard all of them.