FEE FI FO FUM, I Smell the Blood of an Englishman!

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Hey guys!

Yet again, sorry I havn't updated this blog for a while, it's ok, it's ok, I know your lives have been devoid without my witters for so long dear readers, but other tasks have been encroaching on my time! But look on the bright side, seeing as the only reader of this blog is me, I can forgive myself for my tardyness :P But oh shush!


Anyway, it's been a great Christmas in the Huntley household, and a lovely New Year, but alas the festive season is, once again, over, and 2012 slowly chugs away! I'm sure it will speed up, but so far it has been an extremely uneventful year! I have lots to look forward to though... It's my 2 year anniversary of being with my girlfriend Heather on the 26th of this month ( awwwwwwwh ), my 19th birthday on the 27th of Feb, then Mum and Dad are taking me and my little bro Will to Disneyland, Florida on the 29th of June (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, I may be almost an adult, but I don't effin' care, I'm SO EXCITED!), and, of course, I depart for university in September! Seeing as my sculpting time will be GREATLY affected by this lifestyle change, I'm gonna try and get as much done in these next few months as possible, so that you guys don't miss me too much :P

Anyway, before we get to the main news that this blog entry is supposed to announce, I just thought I would post up the painted pictures of the products in the Zombie Pirates of the Black Coast range that I managed to upload -

Morgan Fellbeard -


Old Man of the Deep -



Undead Ogre Crewman -


And finally, the first of the Zombie Crewmen -


Well, now we have that out of the way, I can actually get on to announcing what I was meant to be accouncing... ahem.

After a very long wait, the Warploque Miniatures Giant is now available from the webstore!



So there you have it guys! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year, and stay tuned for more Warpy goodness!




- Warpy