Dey's a-comin', an' dey's a-comin teh GITCHA!

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Good evening Ladies and Gents!

I am very pleased to announce the start of yet another Ulule Project (They always seem to work so well!), this time promotion a new batch of none other than the infamous Bayourks, the scourge of the civilised populous surrounding the outskits of the Cayjon Swamplands, and beyond!

In this pack, you get -

Papa Shamaduu - Bayourk WitchDockta -

Howlin' Gump - Bayourk Totem Bearer -

Boglins -

Bull SwampHawg -


All of this lot, for only £35... a bargain I would say!


Follow the link here to view the Pre-Ordering page, courtesy of those wonderful people at!


Anyway folks, let me know what you think of these new models by posting on my Facebook page ( ) -  as always I would love to hear from you!




- Warpy



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