A Yo Ho Ho and a Bucket of Brrraaaaiiiinnnnnnnnsssssss... And Hobbits.

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Good evening to you Ladies and Gentlefolk, splendid evening isnt it, What?

Well, my "Update every week" policy went down the privy this week... I am sorry, no, i really am! But Real Life stepped in...my girlfriend Heather has moved in to her new Uni this weekend, so more important matters came to the fray over the last week! Yes, there ARE things more important than wargaming... shocking, but true! Anyhow, she is now snug in her new room, and whilst she has been partying it up (Without yours truly I may add, *grumble grumble* ) I have been slaving away on this particularly dreary Sunday in Yorkshire to give you beautiful people a small glimpse of something new and shiny...

A new faction for Warploque Miniatures, the "Undead Pirates of the Black Coast"

First up, the crew...

I plan on there being three lots of each model in the pack, so here is a rough idea of what the unit will look like :P

The "big guy", Zombie Pirate ogre!

And his mollusc friend, who I have named "Paul"

And the Cap'n... G'yarrrrgh!


As well as these scurvy dogs, there will also be reinforcements for the fledgling Hobbits of Hobbleshire range...


First up, the Town Milita! These will be sold in packs of twelve, three of each model in the pack -



To bolster the moral of these short, but stalwart fighters, Paddy Fiddlesticks - Regimental Drummer, will also be joining the ranks here at Warploque Miniatures -



What do you think folks?


- Warpy