Releases, Releases Gallorrreeeeeeee!

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Now then guys!

First up, I would like to announce that Warploque Miniatures has a few new releases this week! :D "About bloody time!" I hear you cry, sorry folks, I am only human! :P

For the Soldiers for Hire faction, Galan Quarterbane - Monster Hunter Extraordinaire -


Then, bolstering the ranks of the Halflings of Hobbleshire, the Halfling Militia -



Paddy Fiddlesticks - Troop Drummer -

The Halfling Command Pack -

And the start of my "Conversion Bits" range,  Giant Beastmen Heads -

As well as these, I have also re-taken photos graphs of all of my other models in the range, just so theres a bit of consistency with the layout :P Take a look around!

On the new sculpt front, here is a "just about completed" piccy of a new model for my future Undead Pirates of the Black Coast range - The Old Man of the Deep  -

What do you think?

- Warpy