Do you want to have fun playing at your favourite casino and at the same time increase your chances to win a decent amount of money? You can do it, but only when matching beneficial symbol combinations. Then free spins would be a great option for you! Combine several special symbols and get a great bonus!

Free Spins As A Reward

Free Spins are a bonus in the form of reel spins provided as a reward for your actions in a game. In order to obtain this prize, you would not need to do much: depending on rules of the slot that you play, you would have to match certain special symbols, such as Wilds, Scatters or any bonus features. If you are fortunate, your win can increase incredibly. That is why it is important to learn the rules of your slot thoroughly!

The Main Benefits of Free Spins

As you know, most slots have a similar algorithm of actions: you have to pick your initial bet, choose the number of reels, the mode of the reel spinning and the game starts. However, due to different bonus features, like Free Spins, the game can change the course of events significantly, plunging you into adventures and, as a result, providing tremendous opportunities to increase your win.

Free spins allow you to play with real money without betting. In many modern slots, such rounds have additional functions that can give you even more benefits. Microgaming often provides additional Wilds after obtaining Free Spins. For example, in Untamed Giant Panda (Microgaming) all Wild are kept while spinning the reels for free, so after you run out of Free Spins, you would increase your win, since Wilds usually substitute all kinds of symbols, except Scatters.

Free Spins Provide Great Bonus Features

Free Spins can be considered as a beneficial option for you since they usually provide more than just reel spins for free: first of all, you don’t pay for them. By using free spins, you have the potential to obtain other bonus features like extra Wilds that replace other symbols, more Free Spins, multiplying the wins achieved several times or other kinds of beneficial features. It is dependent on an individual slot that you would like to play. So it is important to read the terms and conditions associated with different slots before you play them and before you accept any bonuses from them.