New models to Pre Order from Warploque Miniatures!

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Hey guys!

Well, seeing as I'm off on holiday on Thursday, and I have been busy this month with my college work ( all done now though, WAHEY!), I thought that for this month's release, I would put forward older models which you have been dying to get your grubby mits on :P

For Pre-Order, we have -

Jacques D'Urisine - Rogue Gallican Knight


Wild Elven Fell Druidess



Bibbington "The Sorceror" Bells


Barrow Wight


What do you think chaps?

You will have 3 weeks to Pre-Order these, so your last chance to grab one will be the

15th of July 2012

As with the Cocklegriff, if you place an order for this model, the money will be instantly widthdrawn from your PayPal account, as if you have made a normal purchase. Once an order has been made, you will be updated regularly on the progress of the casting, and then notified when the model has been sent to you. If 15 orders have not been made by the 15th of July 2012, then the model will not be cast and all monies paid will be refunded - it's as simple as that!

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy these!

- Warpy

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Re: New models to Pre Order from Warploque Miniatures!

wil be interesting to see how it'll be to have them pre sold individually. if some are more attractive than others.

personally the bibbington is interesting, but I wont put an order on him yet. as postage costs are so high. I want to have him sendt along with something else. ft for instance the tracker and dog

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Re: New models to Pre Order from Warploque Miniatures!

These look fab!

I would definitely like to order some of them (maybe even all), but the £8 shipping is a little off-putting, especially if only some of the models get funded.

I'd be happy to take my chances with ordinary airmail for small orders, if that was offered as an option.