PRE ORDER - Jacques D'Urisine - Rogue Gallican Knight

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"In the days before the Albionnican Empire was at it's most powerful, the country of Gallica was it's most bitter rival. Whereas the Albionnican peoples strive for progress and ingenuity, it is the way of the Gallican to harken to the past and revel in it's glories. When the tensions between the two great nations broke, and open war ensued, it was Albionnica who came out on top, and won control of Arcworlde. Even though many years have passed, and Gallica is now an ally of Albionnica, there is still a bitterness there in the hearts of those mighty warriors which will span the centuries.

Jacques D'Urisine was once a proud knight of Gallica, a country that thrives on the values of chivalry. His blade was once the keenest in all of the King's armies, and many a victory has been won due to his skill with a mighty Gallican broadsword. His fame has brought him much wealth throughout the years, and he settled down to retirement. However, D'Urisine is a born warrior and, after wasting all of his ammassed fortunes on good food, good drink, and not so good women, he takes now to the mercinary life. He is a hardened, grizzled veteran, and his blade will valliantly seek the flesh of many more foes to come!"



  • 1 x Jacques D'Urisine - Rogue Gallican Knight

This miniature is cast in High Quality Resin. This one peice miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Base not included.


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