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" On the mysterious island of Caledon, there is a presence there which is unnerving to all those who grace it's shores. The trees whisper to eachother, the animals follow you, and there is a constant sense that you are being watched. And the truth is, you are.

Those accursed few folk that dwell in those forests are known to men as the Wild Elves. Though they look more akin to humans than Bayourks or Trolls, they are even more dangerous, and wholy alien. They are deathly white, with coal black eyes and pointed ears, sinewy and sharp like a williow's branches. Some say that they are the revenge of the forest upon those who try and tame it, and many have been taken into those trees and never seen again, their wails faintly heard on the breeze.

All elven folk have an affinity with magic, owing to their existance on the Arcanite-rich Caledon, but there are some who are even more potent than their kin. These Druids, or Druidesses, often come to battle naked, their bodies covered in tattoos of woad and festooned with the bones of animals and their foes. They possess a deadly skill, channelling the Arc-Energy through the Arcanite in their veins to attack those who dare to violate their sacred isle. And if you survive the intitial attack of the Wild Elves, you will be taken back to whence they came, your heart torn out of your chest in a sacrifice to their unholy gods."



  • 1 x Wild Elven Fell Druidess

This miniature is cast in High Quality Resin. This one peice miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Base not included.

Price: £8.00

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