Paddy Fiddlesticks - Troop Drummer

Paddy Fiddlesticks - front
Paddy Fiddlesticks - backPaddy Fiddlesticks - front (unpainted)Paddy Fiddlesticks - back (unpainted)
SKU: WRP-020

"Paddy was always an unlucky halfling. Whilst taking his training for the town militia, he fell over a discarded rake, cracking his head upon a stone wall. When recovered, with the help of a pint of finest Ale and a mutton pie, he had no recollection of his previous life whatsoever. Being useless as a fighter, or as anything else for that matter, the Captain handed him some drumsticks, and awarded him the title of "Troop Drummer". As well as being unlucky, Paddy also had no musical talent whatsoever, but is still kept by the Militia as a kind of mascot. Aimlessly trundling along, and hopelessly trying to keep a beat, Paddy always raises the moral of the bemused soldiers, even more so than if he could actually play."


This contains:

  • 1 x Paddy Fiddlesticks - Troop Drummer

All Miniatures are cast in High Quality Resin. This one piece miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Base not currently included with this miniature.

Price: £3.00

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