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"Dragons, also known as Great Wyrmms or Drakes, are massive, powerful and intelligent creatures, once abundant in ancient times, but now extremely rare, most dwelling in subterranian caverns or dense forest to slumber, often for many decades, as they can live for centuries if left undisturbed. They resemble massive, heavily scaled reptiles, with prominent lateral spines and a large, powerful tail, which, as well as their claws and teeth, they use to attack and kill their prey. Due to their often dormant state, dragons eat rarely, but are primarily carnivorous, feeding on livestock, large mammals and humanoids, though there are some semi-aquatic varieties that consume fish, and other large fresh water or marine life. It is also known for forest species to feed on tree matter to supplement their diet if food is scarce. What makes dragons more dangerous than other large creatures however is the peculiar habit of projecting flame from their mouths when threatened, though other species are known to spew highly corrosive acid, or superheated steam to defend themselves when attacked. This makes them highly formidable assailants when angered, and many that come into contact with dragons, either looking for glory or by sheer misfortune, often do not live to tell the tale, their smoking remains littering the entrance to the dark lair of the beast."


  • 1 x Dragon
  • Choice of Eastern or Western Head

This miniature is cast in High Quality Resin. This seven piece miniature is supplied unpainted. Base not included.

Price: £54.00

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