Papa Shamaduu - Bayourk WitchDockta

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"Within the loosely held together Bayourk society, with new Bosses coming and going almost yearly, is is the WitchDockta who holds any sort of stable authority within the tribe. It is he who provides spiritual guidance, and magical force to the Bayourk warband. With the average Bayourk being a highly superstitious creature, these wily practitioners of Swamp-Magik are held with an almost godlike reverance, the only link between their world and the land of the spirits. Papa Shamaduu is no exception to this, for he is one of the most infamous of these creatures ever to plague Arcworlde. After defeating his previous Chieftain in single combat, it is now he who is the head of the "Blakk'Maw" tribe, leading them to war with all those who come in his path. He is a trickster, a magician, a master of Swamp-Magik, and has the power to reduce those who oppose him to piles of ash, or in some cases, a toad, to be then squelched under his calloused foot. All those who have tried to kill him he has defeated, all those who face him in battle have been destroyed, and it seems as if nothing can stop him on his quest for power, and for his ever growing hunger for Arcanite."


  • 1 X Papa Shamaduu

This miniature is cast in High Quality resin. This miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Base not currently included with this miniature.


Price: £10.00

Please select the base included with this miniature.

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