Albionnican 27th Foot Regiment

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"Although there are many lands which may be defined as civilised, by far the greatest, at least in this current age, is the realm of Albionnica. Fair Albionnica, a land of towering cities, great factories belching out smoke as they build the engines and weapons that win and maintain the great Empire which it has amassed. Although the industrialisation of Albionnica has been relatively recent, it has helped it take hold of much of ArcWorlde, be it by diplomacy or by conquest. Many many lands march under the Gryphon-Banners of Albionnica, and it is they who take the role of the leaders of the civilised, for "the greater good". Those who are more cynical may notice the way that Albionnica has burrowed its way into most of the cultures and cities of Upper ArcWorlde, and how by controlling these countries like puppets it has amassed wealth not seen for thousands of years.

It is customary for every country under the Banner of Albionnica to submit troops to defend it's borders against rebels and monsters, but the vast majority of the Albionnican army is provided by her own men. These red-jacketed warriors, armed with the latest weaponry, can be seen marching all over the lands of ArcWorlde.  Most are "recruited" from the working populous of Albionnica, they are generally a bedraggled, rag-tag assortment of vagabonds, kept in line by the iron fists of the Sergeants and Officers that lead them. They are a legendary fighting force, either defending or vanquishing the native peoples, depending on the whim of Mother Albionnica herself."




  • 1 x Captain Sharpeton of the 27th Albionnican Foot Regiment
  • 1 x Sergeant Harley of the 27th Albionnican Foot Regiment
  • 1 x Bernard Brune - Albionnican Military Engineer
  • 5 x 27th Albionnican Foot Regiment Troopers
  • 1 x 27th Albionnican Foot Regiment Ogre Trooper

These miniatures are cast in High Quality Resin. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Bases not included.


Price: £25.00

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