Miss Buttercup - Halfling Cook

SKU: WRP-047

"Like many Halflings, cooks are roused by the militia bell but their contribution is not limited to their force of arms. When battle is near the Cook prepares a broth laced with Arcanite dust, to fortify the troops and prepare them for the coming battle. Miss Buttercup, though she is but a young Halfling, is one of the most promising "Battle-Chefs" that Dryfield has to offer. She is hardy, she is tough, a demon with a rolling pin, and her apple strudel is to die for!"


  • 1 x Miss Buttercup

All Miniatures are cast in High Quality Resin. This miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Base not currently included with this miniature.

Price: £4.00