The Death Kiwi sculpt
SKU: WRP-010

"It is said that in the sweltering jungles, behind every rock, behind every tree there is something there which could kill you, and the affectionately nick-named "Death Kiwi" is no exception. Bigger and stronger than the best warhorses, and equipped with razor sharp claws and a crushing, serrated beak, these flightless bird-like reptiles are in the higher echelons of the jungle food chain. Usually hunting in packs of up to fifteen, these lighting fast creatures chase down and kill prey many times larger than themselves, using their beaks to tear flesh and crush bone. Although highly vicious and aggressive when provoked in the wild, they have been known to have been used as war mounts, as their speed, agility and cunning are highly prized in battle, their natural killing instincts honed and trained, until they are as much a weapon of war as the sword or axe its rider carries."


  • 1 x Death Kiwi

This miniature is cast in High Quality Resin. This one peice miniature is supplied unpainted. Plastic Base not currently included with this miniature.

Price: £12.00

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