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"Boglins or "Swamp Imps” are the diminutive cousins of the Bayourk species. Cowardly and cunning, they act as helpers, assistants or even slaves to their larger brethren, constantly vying for attention, food and liquor for their efforts. They are naturally mischievous creatures, relishing the chance to play tricks upon their own kind, and sometimes on the Bayourks themselves, but this generally leads the perpetrator being caught, and then unceremoniously hurled into the nearest bog. They are also extremely dexterous, and some Boglins make a living by playing various instruments, to the amusement of their masters. When the Bayourk raiding parties go out to battle, they usually take scores of Boglin slaves carrying food, equipment and plunder, but some particularly courageous Boglins scurry alongside the hulking warriors, biting the ankles and attacking the soft under parts of any adversaries they come across."


  • 1 x Drunk Boglin
  • 1 x Banjo Boglin
  • 1 x Pack Boglin
  • 1 x Catfish Boglin
  • 1 x Club Boglin

All Miniatures are cast in High Quality Resin. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Bases not currently included with these miniatures.


Price: £8.00

Please select the base included with this miniature.

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