Howlin' Gump - Bayourk Standard Bearer

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"The surliest of Brutes are entrusted with the tribe’s totem, a fetish created by the WitchDockta to represent the local Swamp deity. Such individuals are often very aggressive, always charging first to prove themselves in front of their fellows. Such a position of privilege in the tribe has its benefits and the Totem Bearer gets good cuts of meat and access to some of the best hooch. Howlin' Gump is one of these chosen few, holding aloft the sacred 'Gator Totem of the Stinkin'Gator tribe as he hurls himself into combat, his tribesourks charging in alongside him."


  • 1 X Howlin' Gump

This miniature is cast in High Quality resin. This miniature is supplied unpainted and unassembled. Plastic Base not currently included with this miniature.


Price: £9.00

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